the fairness of unfairness

October 2nd, 2008


I know this might not be the politically correct thing to say, but…LIFE ISN’T FAIR AND IT’S BEST TO GET OVER IT!!!

It is impossible for all things to be equal.  I think it’s quite unfair for one to even think life is suppose to be equally fair.  In order to have winners, you must have losers.  You can’t have pretty unless there is ugly.  There can’t be a “Mr. All That” without a “Mr. All Wack”.

So I ask you (in all fairness), are the lazy equally as deserving as the ambitious?  Should the ignorant have the same as the intelligent?  Are the least selling entitled to be compensated the same as the top selling?

Be sure to keep this thought in mind, defining yourself allows you to determine what’s fair to you.

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