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August 10th, 2008


Recently I was giving a good friend of mine some advice who seemed to have lost his focus in life.  That conversation (as most do that I’m in) produced yet another “genius in the moment” moment that I would like to share…

You have to stop getting caught up with what other people are doing and stay focused on your lane in life.  Just look at life as if it’s a bowling alley.  It’s better to roll a gutter ball in your lane than a strike in someone else’s!

This is really how I talk in everyday conversations!!!

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  • 1. mr. good  |  August 11th, 2008 at 11:20 AM

    Word to god!

    -Don’t let someone else plan out how you spend your time in this life. We are all lost beings trying to discover what we can offer to this planet of existence. Remember, you were born independent (exception of twins)

    How many summers do you have left?

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