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February 17th, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me where or when I get inspired thoughts. And this past weekend when my daughters and I decided to watch a series of movies was no expectations. One of our selections was “The Strangers”, mainly due to how the line “because you were home” was said in the preview.

I was also drawn into the story because it was said to based on some true accounts, so hence I foolishly watched looking for some realism…ughh…what a disappointment! About mid-point in the movie, my youngest noticed my “WTF” face!  Reason being because I felt this movie was beyond any realm of common sense!

As my daughters and I began discussing the movie, I found myself stressing common sense to them.  And that’s when the magical moment happen!  I was asked by my young beautiful minded daughters…”What is common sense?” And to top that question, I was then TOLD after what I thought was a pretty good explanation…”Just because it’s common to you, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s common to everybody else.  Come on Daddy, you know you’re this deep thinker and stuff!”

Great compliment…YES!  Do I think that they were just trying to quickly shut me up in order to watch another movie…POSSIBLY!!! But it did raise a very good point…what is common sense?  Has what’s commonly known changed with the world becoming somewhat smaller and moving at such a fast pace due to technology?

In order to get somewhat of an answer, I ask the following question…what are the top five things that are common sense to you? In order to get a good sense of how this applies to the world, be sure to include where you live.

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  • 1. moe  |  February 17th, 2009 at 5:22 PM

    Very difficult (general) question to answer…..

    Common sense i think is the logical clear headed analysis and reaction to a situation, based on the knowledge youve accumulated

    that being said, creating a top 5 would probably end up being very random without a particular topic and situation…

    but i’ll try

    salesmen are not to be trusted. because of the nature of the field, not because of particular individuals. i used to be a salesman…. they know how to play with words and make something sound real sweet. when talking to a salesman, you cant let their sensational style make you start seeing everything as an upside, you have to stay sober and objective

    speaking of sober, i just came back from court for a DUI. to me its common sense that the justice system is inherently flawed and cannot exist any other way. theres no way for it to be perfect without invasion of privacy. that being said its also common sense to me that police can often suffer from egotism. ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and some people dont deserve authority. watch out for these guys

    its common sense to me that without a positive attitude you’re not going anywhere. and that fear, doubt, and worry are completely useless emotions (not to say i never experience them)

    its common sense to me that the only way to fight stereotypes is to stop allowing ourselves to be stereotypes… stop tailoring ourselves to the boxes society says we should fit into. whether its class, race, gender, or religious beliefs, if we ascribe wholly to any one man’s philosophies, we are indeed fools

    its common sense to me that ’sense’ automatically entails perspective. someone standing next to a fire senses its hotter than someone standing farther… and its common sense that that was probably a horrible analogy


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