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December 2nd, 2008


This “The Thinker’s Thoughts” is inspired by a recent conversation with Kanye. With all the backlash that he’s receiving from just expressing his opinion, I thought this was a great time for me to throw my own into the mix.  This is not an attempt to come to his defense, but more me offering my perspective for consideration.  I fear the opposing side not having any competition.

First, what is the root cause for the backlash?  Is it over WHAT is being said or WHY is it being said?  It’s seems that his intent is often lost over the content.  I’m a firm believer in intent over content.  I know it’s the only thing that can truly define an action.  I find that the most accurate response to something begins with a clear understanding of why it was done.

For example, if someone was to suddenly push you to the ground, the best response is to ask…”why did you push me?”  Now I’m not saying that you have to be smiling from ear to ear when you ask, but that question should still be first.  Their answer should/will have the biggest impact on what’s the most appropriate thing for you to do next.

Scenario 1, they said their reason was to prevent you from getting hit by a bus.  Most likely your reaction would be to hug them while offering many thanks.

Scenario 2, they said their reason was some explanation that boiled down to them just hating on your outfit.  Never one to promote violence, yet I can understand why a quick kung fu chop to the neck region would be somewhat appropriate in this case.

Think about it…same push but different response.  That’s what I call the power of intent!!!

So after all that, what’s Kanye’s intent? I’m not qualified to say for certain, but I think it’s very similar to my own…to help others with original, ground-breaking, innovative artistic expressions while never losing a strong sense of self in the process.  One aspect of doing this is being bold enough to go beyond what’s accepted as “the norm”.  I’ve come to understand that being possibly misunderstood or even rejected at first is something that’s just part of this journey.

When the prime objective is the preservation of “the norm”, my thought process is generally at conflict.  One way that I cope is by not being too dependent upon, or too closely involved with what’s considered “the norm”.  And I don’t think this makes me any better or worse than anyone…it just makes me, ME!  Unfortunately the masses are conditioned to initially reject individual expressions of self…regardless of the intent.

This is just my opinion.  And I know that the best thing about an opinion is everybody has a right to one…regardless of how wrong they are!!!

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  • 1. want to be in love  |  December 3rd, 2008 at 2:59 AM

    ..was just passing by.. good work

  • 2. Life 1010  |  December 3rd, 2008 at 6:09 PM

    “And I believe the best thing about an opinion is everybody has a right to one…”

    (Really?) Here, you are talking about right action and coming to the defense of someone? Either you allow or deny someone their opinion – how can you say that everyone is right but need to defend and clarify other people’s opinions?

    Just some thoughts further to what you were saying; There is no doubt about it – motivations at one point or another must manifest themselves through the actions of the individual.

    You will know someone’s heart – ie their motivations, by what comes out of their life.

    The oft quoted phrase rings true – the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Motives are one thing – but actions are the true defining aspect of a person. So intent or content? It doesn’t matter – they must be aligned for their to be any growth, fulfillment or value added to humanity

    You cannot separate intent from content. To think that everyone’s opinion and therefore actions are right is to walk a cliff edge to insanity. It seems that people have become so open minded that their brains are falling out.

    Question – how can you call someone to a higher level of living if you so easily justify the level on which they are on? Their is truth and falsity, right and wrong. If not, then there is no higher level and no need for a thinkers thoughts.

    PJ Noswohrthy, Sydney, Australia

  • 3. Appeal  |  December 5th, 2008 at 1:24 PM

    This kinda coincides with the question that was raised in bible class last night. The question was.. hold on, let me get my notes so I can quote it correctly.. Back! ” What are the keys to greatness” God said,” He would make our name great” My opinion is theological and that’s what governs who I. To be a number one leader of whatever, you must first know how to serve, and how to be the least then you have the capacity to be great. I learned as a student in Early Childhood Education that it is not the product that is important but the process. Greatness often comes with a great price God often challenge us with the oppositions that we are appointed to help others overcome. In order to be great you have to find the one thing that you are really good at and work it. Some people forget that it is God that gives us power to get rich. As a student in Child and Family Life Education, I learned to be autonomous in decision making, and that trusting your instinct is important. So I guess that leads to my question, who, how, when, and what is stopping us from being number one?

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