open letter to peta vp dan mathews

January 26th, 2010

TheThinkMovement.com by j. sakiya sandifer

Dear Mr. Mathews,

First I would like to commend you for the passion you express in your beliefs, but unfortunately that’s where the compliments must end.  It seems that you have become so engulfed in “your world” that you have greatly compromised your perspective of “the world”.

You see sir, in “your world” it would make perfect sense that everyone would bow to your demands and have no freedom of self-expression.  Everyone would fear the consequences of going against the dress standards that you and your court have deemed inappropriate.  The flaw in your perspective is that it doesn’t seem to be strong enough to accept when someone else happens to be strong enough to consciously decides NOT to partake in “your world”.

Perhaps you didn’t get the e-mail, text message or even the tweet that there are a lot of rational independent thinkers that just happen to reside outside of your world…mainly because we are enjoying our own way too much to impose on others…which seems to be a new concept for you.

There are many colorful attacks that could be considered justifiable to hurl back at you for the extremely personal, juvenile, and bullying style of attack that you have recently made against my good friend Kanye, but my intellect will not allow me to make a poor decision just because someone else has.

Never claiming to know everything (another concept that seems to be new to you), I do know for a fact that there isn’t one among us that doesn’t have some form of luxury in our life that hasn’t come at the expense or some form of exploitation of another living being.  And not knowing you personally, I’m sure that your lifestyle is no exception to this rule.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why you would tarnish all of the great work that your organization does and believes in so passionately with a dictatorship mentality.  I ask you with the utmost respect and please correct me if I’m in error, but isn’t the mission of PETA to simply INFORM the mass public of the mistreatment of animals and not to attempt to shame those who don’t agree with you into doing so?  The idealistic world that you seem to seek cannot and will not exist simply because it doesn’t offer the fundamental right of free will.

Although this might be yet another new concept for you, I encourage you to explore and correct the fragile state of your belief system so it will be able to withstand someone else having their own.

And as always…


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