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July 14th, 2009

TheThinkMovement.com by j.sakiya sandifer

David   10:22am
hey man,
just wanted to say that ive got ur book
think think think

and show some support from australia

Sakiya   10:29am
thanks…what did you think of it?

David   10:31am
well to be honest, i think that ever person has different problems and there is never one stock standard response for all, yet think think think provided a new way of thinking, and it wasnt about the problems yet how they could be handled  

which is refreshing, considering there are so many people out in the world professing to know the answers to everyones problems

if any of that makes sense

Sakiya   10:33am
yoohhh….would you mind if I posted your thoughts on my blog…I think it’s really dope!!!

David   10:33am
no problems, that would be an honour

Sakiya   10:36am
thank you and you’re welcome…LOL

David   11:03am
can i just say, its good that with all the success thats come from your work, u havent been too good to talk to someone u dont know

i think thats a very important trait

David   11:10am
anyway, its been great talking, but its 1:30 in the morning here, and i have work tomorrow

enjoy the rest of your day, and keep the wisdom flowing

Sakiya   11:12am
will do…and thanks again for your words…I will be posting them in abut 10 minutes

David   11:13am
thanks very much for putting my words out in the world

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