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April 1st, 2009

TheThinkMovement.com by j. sakiya sandifer

TONIGHT’S TOPICS: Join us on the discussion of “Death”.  What do you think happens when a person dies?  Is that it?  Or is there more?

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  • 1. Jay Villaroel  |  April 1st, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    Whoa, awesome subject always wanted to talk about it – not sure if i have the guts to call in but i will deffly be tuning in!!!

  • 2. livelovelaugh  |  April 1st, 2009 at 8:05 PM

    Hmm, death. People often fear discussing the topic. I think this should be very intresting. My personal thought on it is that you don’t necessary die. The spirit is whats living, the body is the host. After we have used it, we go on to live in spirit form. If we are lucky we may come back as another form.

  • 3. roni  |  April 2nd, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    Yo, Sakiya I’m listening to your blogtalkradio and I like how you touched on Napoleon Hills “Sexual transmutation” because I read his book “Think & grow rich” alot because it’s some good information and advice. I also recommend “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The Death subject was dope. My OPINION on death is, since everything is Energy and Matter and our body dies in the end maybe our energy or spirit whatever you wanna call it is transferred? In The Secret they talk about how we are energy and how we send out frequencys into the universe (what you think about or believe will happen, will happen) kinda like Napoleon Hill said that our brain is a broadcasting and recieving station. If energy never dies maybe when our body die’s our energy transfers to another life? because the space between (ether) like Napoleon Hill said vibrates at a rapid rate. It makes you wonder about deja vu’s, outer space, and dreams maybe we’re living our lives all over again? kinda like behavioral patterns. We are all human with commonalities and I think religions are guidelines to how to live your life thats why theres so many? but all relate to some type of ending and so called spirit, maybe this spirit is energy? Napoleon Hill talks about sexual transmutation and how you can stimulate your mind to think on the level of “Genius” to tap into your creative imagination. Meaning, we can inhance our energy. If genuis’s can inhance their energy maybe thats why everybody is in awe of their accomplishments because they dont think on their level of plain. Which brings me to my other thing I want to talk to you about, genuis’s. I was watching “A Beautiful mind” the other night and it made me wonder, is there really a thin line between genius and crazy? or is it because genius’s understand so much that normal people dont understand their train of thought and genius are misunderstood (Idiot savants?). I believe humans are lazy by nature, animals are born with instinct’s to do things, some people dont put forth the effort to think in depth or train their thoughts but humans are given the right to think which is why I like your movement. I am not an atheist I’m just undecided lol! Now I’m just rambling on but all this is just my beliefs and I just wanted to share. I dont mean to impose on others beliefs like I said this is just my opinion. If you can touch on “The Genius” subject that would be dope thanks, PEACE!

    One more question. If man has created everything he has thought of, if there is proof of life (us) is it safe to say that theres proof that there could be more life out there in outer space? I dont wanna be ignorant and say only we exist but if we exist are we proof that life is else where because we’re here.

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