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February 16th, 2009


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to ask: Is it possible to have a successful relationship without first finding true peace within ourselves?

I imagine two separate puzzles, each complete by itself.  Each, when constructed, creates a picture of life that tells a complete story, vibrant and exciting.  Then they are put together, and a beautiful thing happens.

Together they create a new story, complete within itself. A story that can only be told when these two puzzles are brought together. But, the key is that each puzzle is complete by itself FIRST!  We often say that we won’t be complete until we find someone to complete us.  But is that fair to the other person?  It reminds me of a person who gives to charity but immediately is looking for God or the Universe, or whatever, to take care of them for their good deed.  But, is that not an investment and not charity?  The same way, by needing someone else to complete us are we not implying that without this other person we’ll never truly be happy?  Because is it truly possible to be happy without feeling that you are complete as a person?  So now we’ve placed this huge responsibility on someone we are suppose to love; a responsibility that clearly should be our own.

So I ask, can love truly exist in such a situation?  Because if I need your piece to complete my puzzle do I have any pieces to spare to complete you?!?!

- BrokinRhythm

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