friend or foe?

August 5th, 2008


I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Star & Buc Wild Radio Show.  The environment felt very genuine, as within the first five minutes I clearly recognized a fine oiled machine with many parts acting as one, with one goal in mind…GREATNESS!

At the helm was Star, the man who as Wendy Williams would say, “a friend in my head”.  Our overall conversation seemed to have a mutual respect for one another.  Although Star presented his thoughts with a great sense of confidence, I welcomed them because it was a great test to see how much did I really believe in my own.

At the end of the show (which I was honored to be asked to stay to the end), we exchanged books as we said some parting words of respect.  I must admit that the designer in me was in conflict with the thinker in me because I felt his cover sucked.  But like the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.  For me, his book cover was a true testament of that saying.

With that said (and after getting pass my own limitations), this is definitely a book I recommend.  However, if you’re a weak minded individual, you might want to pass on this one.  His tells a blunt, take no prisoner, this is me and deal with it if you can recount of his journey of becoming the man that you hear today.  His insights are equally entertaining as well as thought provoking.  And to clarify thought provoking, it got me thinking about myself…and what could be better than that?!

I leave you with an excerpt from Star’s book, Objective Hate:The Prequel, that really stuck out to me regarding friendship:

The word “friend” is itself widely overused and taken for granted.  If you don’t educate someone about your expectations for a real friend, you will always find yourself surrounded by leaches.  On the other hand, one has to ask: are you worth being a friend to?  What do you offer that’s not material?  Can you guide or motivate someone-give them something beyond lunch, a shopping spree, a night of dinner, dancing, and drugging, or an occasional trip to the movies?  Are you really a people person, or are you just a covert fraud and a trendy parasite?  Do you know the face of a real friend?  Or do you confuse it with the smile of an associate, the gesture of an acquaintance, or the misconception of an enemy?  Do you realize that enemies usually have similar interests, drives and goals, and if forces ever joined, they could actually become the most inspiring friends?

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