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November 11th, 2009

TheThinkMovement.com by j. sakiya sandifer

I was having a conversation with Sakiya recently and the question was posed, are winners born or created?  This is quite the interesting question, especially when you look around and see so many obvious winners and losers in the world.

After much thought, I’ve settled with the belief that winners are created.  I just don’t think people are born destined to be winners in life.  To take it a step further to just to prove my point, of course I find it would be more accurate to say we all start life weak and destined to lose without proper intervention from those close to us, stronger than us.  We’re taught to win and supported in weakness until we’re strong enough to win on our own. We’re taught how to eat, walk, talk, think. There are stories of babies who grew up in the wild, with only animals let’s just say they didn’t become the normal socially and mentally adept people we’re used to seeing day to day. All these things are normal to us and go without saying but I see much insight to be gained here if one takes the time to think about it.

I think much can be credited to the images of ourselves we internalize.  If you consider yourself a weak person, you’re already more than halfway there to being one.  As I see it, strength and weakness as defined by outward will and power are not respectively attached to winning and losing.  Some walk through life with such a strong outward energy that they readily bend the will of others to theirs, others walk through life with a much less subduing force such is life.  Not everyone is meant to be an offensive lineman in life some are meant to be graceful ballerinas.  It’s up to each to assess our personal attributes, both positive and negative.  This goes a long way in creating a life that continuously plays to one’s positives attributes.  True strength, the kind it takes to win over and over again (in life) is inner strength.  The ability to consistently and constantly bend yourself to your own will.  This type of strength is there for all who want it and are willing to work as hard as they have to in order to develop it within themselves.

It’s really that simple.  You’ll become who you create yourself to be, passively or proactively.  In either case, take the blame, take the fame.

Own your choices and choose wisely!

I also don’t buy into the idea of trying to find out who you’re supposed to be in life.  Finding out your innate strengths and weaknesses are is time better spent.  It’ll help carve out a life plan that that plays to your strengths in the attainment of your goals.

Winner: someone who finishes what they set out to
-competing against life’s opposing forces
-needed, mental strength and heart
-vision and purpose

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