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September 8th, 2009

By Ashley Fantz

MORROW, Georgia (CNN) — Jobless for nearly a year, Michael Rivers was about to walk out of his house a few weeks ago to catch the bus for another daylong employment hunt when a radio announcement stopped him.

“This is Ludacris, and I’m giving away 20 free cars. …”

The famous rapper was pulling an Oprah in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

The rapper announced that if listeners were able to pay the taxes, registration, tags and insurance, they should go to his nonprofit Ludacris Foundation Web site and write 300 words about why they deserved new wheels.

“And make it good,” Luda warned.

Four thousand people took him up on his challenge, and in a few days, more than 2,000 essays poured into the Nissan South dealership in Morrow, Georgia, that had teamed with the rapper on the used-car giveaway.

read full article or view slide show at www.cnn.com

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