it’s the thinking man’s time!!!

June 4th, 2008

Thinking Man Year!!!

Could this be the sign that we as a country are ready to “turn the page” and embrace intellects in politics?  Not saying that others aren’t or haven’t been intelligent, but I’ve never seen anyone else base their campaign on it.  And just to think at one time the media (MSNBC’s Morning Joe) was defining being an intellect in politics as a weakness…WOW!!! 

This is a perfect lesson of someone knowing their worth and not allowing outside forces to define them.  Imagine if this way of thinking was to catch on…better yet, how about everyone who reads this adopting this way of thinking.  Don’t waiver on this one…once truly embraced, your life will change forever!!! 

And I’m sure to no one’s surprise…I really really really believe that the thinking man will always prevail!!!

Special Message To Obama Supporters: THE JOURNEY IS NOT OVER!!!  Although I’ve never been a part of an Obama strategy meeting, I’m quite confident that his goal wasn’t just to become a nominee, but to become PRESIDENT!!!  You guys still have alot of work to do.  Don’t get caught up in a strong sense of entitlement…you see how that approach worked out for Hillary!!!

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