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June 1st, 2009

TheThinkMovement.com by j. sakiya sandifer

As published in ‘The Age’ on Friday 02/13/09

As we witness the shocking brutality that Mother Nature is capable of, I ponder on whether or not there are any lessons for us to take.

The bushfires which have completely destroyed many peoples’ lives have sparked a new sense of community. On Tuesday I was at the bushfire relief centre in the town of Whittlesea trying to lend a supporting hand to our brothers and sisters affected by this mass destruction.

The people were in a state of absolute shock, many as though their souls had been injured or taken right from them.

As I looked around the centre I witnessed many helping hands similar to mine, working in unity. Some hands were sorting out donated clothes, other hands sharing and cooking food, or even some providing an embrace, a shoulder to cry on.

Perhaps these people were once strangers forced into unity through this suffering? It seems more than likely.

You cannot escape the compassion and unconditional love in relation to these terrible events. Whether it is through our media, sports stars, schools, corporations, government… it is everywhere, this love unity and hope. Every demographic of our diverse nation has felt and shared the pain of our darkest day.

As we ride this wave of love, unity and hope I feel some intrinsic sadness. For I know that every wave must at some point in time crash.

Why does it take our darkest days to stop and see the sunrise?

Perhaps this wave shall never crash. I sure hope it does not.

In our darkest days we get a glimpse of the light which is the guide to our true path.

I reminisce on what a glorious day the Inauguration of the United States’ first black president was. I witnessed not just one nation, but the entire world as we all rejoiced in an unprecedented triumph of hope and democracy.

How could such a victory be achieved?

I cast my mind back just a small fraction further.

The answer… So many dark days. Crisis after crisis.

The words flash through my head.

9/11, conflicts in the Middle East, climate change, obesity, global financial crisis.

There seems to be a shift in consciousness in our world. But to what extent is yet to be discovered. We are still facing the ramifications of our greed, dysfunction and destruction.

We live in a world of relativity. There can be no hot without the cold, happy without the sad, tall without the short.

Must we then have to experience our darkest days to walk the path of our most glorious?

Does it take a global financial crisis to eradicate global greed?

Complete destruction and waste of our natural resources to teach the importance of environmental conservation?

Conflict after conflict, innocent deaths or even genocide to bring peace?

I sure hope not. But it seems that way.

Our great indigenous people once inhabited their land free and in divine unity with Mother Nature. They practised the process of ‘burning off’, for they knew that despite the initial loss of vegetation, there would follow a rebirth fertile soil, an environment that permits abundance and prosperity for all to benefit from.

Can our society harness the true compassion towards one another it has given in our tumultuous times?

Can we see the evidence of what unity can create to take us to new heights of equality and love conquering any obstacle that comes our way?

I sure hope so.

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