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May 11th, 2009

TheThinkMovement.com by j. sakiya sandifer

One of my good friends/fellow thinkers sent this to me based on a conversation that we had last week.  He’s convinced the only reason why he came across it was because of the energy of our conversation (he’s really big on energy).

“Energy comes from having a purpose. Creativity flows from having a purpose. When you are clear about ‘why’ you will figure out ‘how’.   Success is a function of the sincerity of the mission. Without a meaningful purpose, action leads to disappointment and frustration.  Yet when focused upon a compelling reason, action always results in achievement.

Within you are real, authentic reasons why.  Within those reasons you’ll find great treasure.  No one can separate you from your purpose. Nothing can take the power of that purpose away from you.  Let your thoughts, your words, your perspective and your actions come from your purpose.  With your life, you’ll achieve many great things.”

Yoooohhh…on the really real…how freaking dope was that?!?! It inspires me to become a better writer!!!!

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