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May 7th, 2009

TheThinkMovement.com by j.sakiya sandifer

The millions of landmines planted in Angola during the bloody civil war has inspired a beauty contest.  Miss Landmine celebrates empowerment over physical perfection.  In this beauty contest 10 women competed for the title of most beautiful mutilated Angolan woman.

The Miss Landmine Manifesto (in no particular order)

- Female pride and empowerment.

- Disabled pride and empowerment.

- Global and local landmine awareness and information.

- Challenge inferiority and/or guilt complexes that hinder creativity — historical, cultural, social, personal, African, European.

- Question established concepts of physical perfection.

- Challenge old and ingrown concepts of cultural cooperation.

- Celebrate true beauty.

- Replace the passive term ‘Victim’ with the active term ‘Survivor’

To find out more, visit www.miss-landmine.org

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